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Free Shipping over $50 in CAN | Free Shipping USA $100

What We Do


We are “Our Second Empire”, a boutique dedicated to helping women in North America journey through pregnancy and postpartum with ease.  We have created a boutique that gives you the best deals on gear that will take you from pregnancy to elated postpartum. A portion of your purchase will be sent towards Haitian organizations. Did you know that women in Haiti walk miles to see a doctor? Our Second Empire would like to aid in their walk.  


 As a child born in Haiti, I have faced all kinds of challenges and hardships. Losing my mother before the age of one and being raised in a different country and culture have shaped my worldview and goals.


Strength is what Haitian women are all about. When we think “Our Second Empire” we remember the strife our mothers went through to become an independent nation.  The women of Haiti led that revolt, not once, but twice.


 Mothers helping Haitian mothers is what we stand for.  We work to make sure that every mother has the opportunity to prosper.  A portion of your purchase will be sent towards Haitian organizations, including Rainbow of Love, the one that helped me when my mother died. We are all born of a mother, we need to continue to support mothers whether we know them or not.  All mothers bring life.


Not only pregnant women benefit from this boutique, so can you. Women bleed monthly in order to cleanse their bodies. Feel free to purchase items for yourself. Leak-free panties, intimacy toys as well as fun gift ideas.  Alternatives to pads and tampons that allow the knowledge that you are not filling your intimate areas with bleached products, all while keeping useless materials out of local landfills.


You are a strong woman on an exciting journey.  Sign up for our email notifications and discover how women a world away are supported in their journey to safely deliver and raise their Second Empires. 


Donations made to the following organizations: